Electronics Are a Little Less Mysterious

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Electronics Are a Little Less Mysterious

In my last post I gave an update on my Electronics Project, I finally received the Version 2 board, the goal was to support up to 6amp load at 5Volts from a 600watt 24volt supply.

The main aim of this board was to test the 3 buck converters I have in Parallel, this does two things if one fails then there are two others to pick up the load and to increase the boards capability from 2amps to 6amps. With the buck converter components soldered onto the board I do get a stable 5Volt supply, I’m going to take it to work tomorrow to look at the output on an oscilloscope to ensure that the voltage is nice and smooth.

Version 2 Board

I have now completed Versions 3 design of the board, which incorporates four solid state relays so I can turn On and Off isolated circuits. In my case my main controller has a separate power supply for the three micro switches that I’m replacing and once the switch is closed the 5 volts detected causes the controller to stop the stepper motors.

Version 3 Board